Jon Fox

"It might look like I'm in charge, but I'm not, God is".

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Jon, any attempt at explaining the marvelous person that he is, is like trying to explain what Pizza Hut is to a caveman. Any attempt I make will only fall short of defining the astounding spirit he possesses.

I remember vividly the first time I met him, I thought to myself, "If only I could be friends with someone so awesome." The more time I have spent with Jon, albeit short, I have become more in awe with the purity of his heart.

Jon immediately pointed the start of our conversation towards his role models; he credits everything he is and will be to his loving family and the role models they have been to him. He especially spoke fondly of his parents and his Grandma Fox.

Grandma Fox was the perfect grandma; she was the perfect example of how to be a loving person. She constantly "taught love in all situations." She instilled in him the importance of loving people no matter what.

Jon also spoke highly of both his parents and the significant roles they played in leading him along in life. Jon’s mother taught him to be calm and recognize that everything “will be okay” and his father taught him to “keep pushing through the hard times” and to “find peace in the hard times.”

After talking about his parents and explaining to me the fun, witty, and encouraging people they are, he told me, “and that’s why I can be the goofy person that I am today.” Jon’s sister would agree with that comment, she once told him, “you hang out with odd balls.”

Perhaps my favorite thing about Jon, a trait that everyone should strive for, is his love for God. He constantly affirms God’s hand in his life, “It might look like I’m in charge, but I’m not, God is.” Every point of our conversation cycled back to his family and God.

At one point of our conversation I asked Jon, “what makes you so awesome?” He quickly responded, “It’s not me, I’m not awesome, it is just the way I was raised, I just work hard, and I just do what I think is fun.”

As the son of Major Fox—his father, Mr. Fox is a retired major of the US Air Force—Jon moved quite frequently. From constantly moving around, Jon learned how to make friends quickly and to be outgoing. He learned from early age the joy of getting to know people and learning what they have to offer. The key to being an outgoing person, and loving people, as exemplified by Grandma Fox, “is to accept everyone: they are people, they are trying too.” Jon’s most admirable quality is his profound love for humanity.

I told Jon that many people around him enjoy being in his presence because he demonstrates true joy in life and because he is a wonderful role model. His response was, “I don’t feel that I’m striving to be one, it just works out that way. It is the small things that make the difference.” He further explained that he simply seeks to have good life experiences; he wants to be known for “living and not letting life just happen to him.”

When discussing his plans for the future, I couldn’t help but smile at the simplicity of his goals. Jon simply wants to have a professional career where he can provide for his family and afford for his future children to attend dance practice. This is especially funny because no matter what Jon is doing, he is dancing while doing it.

Jon latter added, “if all I can do in life is make people happy, or just be a father, that’s all I care about.” Jon is a marvelous person, a wonderful role model and a great friend. He continuously reminds me of the importance of being true to myself and for just having a great time. I feel like I am a better person and a better example for others for being able to be friends with Jon.

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