Abby Grout

“Sometimes you will never know the value of the moment until it becomes a memory.”

-Dr. Seuss

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Self described as a paradoxical person; Abby is a true delight to be around. She is passionate about life and determined in all she does. I have never left Abby’s presence without feeling like she has somehow helped me to become a better person, and that is how true friendship should be.

To start off the interview, I asked Abby to describe who she feels she is. Her response was fantastic, “when I think about who I am, I think it is silly! I’m a paradoxical person. I’m introverted and extroverted. I feel competent and incompetent at the same time. I’m athletic and clumsy. I feel so opposite all the time.” Though I find this to be hilarious, I also find it to be an admirable quality. She is confident in what she does, but isn’t prideful in her abilities.

My favorite quality about Abby is her passion for life and what it has to offer. Her favorite things include art and film. Abby described art and film as a representation of humanity, life, beauty, and when done correctly, a representation of God and religion. I feel that Abby’s introspective personality is the reason she is so passionate about life, she makes great effort to learn about herself. Abby told me, “how can I give anything more justice then my full attention?” From talking with Abby, I learned that she is also passionate about conversation, this is because conversation is the key to learning and “if you’re only talking about the shallow things in life, than you’re not thinking or learning.”

Abby explained more about herself to me, “I’m not a career driven person, but I am driven to do the job right, I’d rather have a lesser job and have the time to be around people. My greatest passion and goal, though it might sound cliché, is to be a mom. How can I do anything better then being a mom?” Abby’s desires are to be praised, especially in a world where “just being a mom” isn’t grand enough for many people.

Abby also expressed a deep, profound desire to become like her greatest example, Jesus Christ. She is a dedicated member of her church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, where she works diligently to solidify her spiritual goals. I could see her love for Christ as she explained her goals of entering the temple and when she told me, “I just love people, if I can just help them feel Christ’s love, if I can just help those who need it, if I can just be a tool in God’s hand, that is all I ask.”

While still on the topic of religion, Abby said something that I have never considered before concerning the guiding hand of God:

Sometimes you don’t know the importance of something until it has happened or it has become a memory. (Dr. Seuss) I have found that thinking and self-reflection is so important. I’ve come closer to God by seeing how he has lead me, not by trying to guess where he is leading me. I know from example he will be there, even if the future is dark, because I recognize that he has always been there.

After speaking about Abby’s current life, we went back to her childhood. Abby explained to me how she was a “super happy kid” but yet also “super awkward.” She had a reputation for being extremely social with all the new people she would meet, “after all, it was a new person to talk to!” Abby explained how she never really had friends while in grade school and how she connected better with her teachers.

Abby confided that it wasn’t until she got to college, and more specifically to her BYU apartment complex Canyon Terrace, that she discovered true friends. The “guys in apartment 10” taught Abby the joy to be found in being unique and taught her the importance of looking out for your friends. She credits those friends, and others, for supporting her in becoming the individual that she is today.

Abby’s explanations of her friends lead us into the next topic, that of role models. She informed me, “I struggled with having role models because I am an internally motivated person. Sure, there were those who helped me to learn and progress, and there were wonderful people who I adored. They all helped to shape me, but that is about it.”

Abby then praised her parents and the support they have been. Abby described her mom as, “Just awesome. She is great with kids, and great at pushing me. I grew up with my mom expecting me to go to college, it never occurred to me that I wouldn’t go to college. My mom taught me the importance of doing things right.”

Abby then proceeded to explain her dad, “He is crafty and practical. He has been super supportive, encouraging, and always knows what to say. Of my two parents he is the one who I wanted to comb my hair when I was little, he was much gentler than my mom.”

I love to end every interview by asking, “Years from now, when you are looking back on your life, what do you want to see? What do you want people to remember about you?” Abby’s response was spectacular and selfless:

I want to be the person who people were able to confide in. People are so important to me and I just want to help them. I want to be known for helping people to open up, open their minds. I want to be known for helping people to consider new things, new people, new ideas. I want them to recognize that nothing is ever one way. I also want to be known for being quick to laugh because laughter is basically the Balm of Gilead.

Abby is truly a wonderful person, when I think of our friendship I think of nothing but laughter and good times. She holds a conversation like no other, and has the best vocabulary of anyone I know. She is an inspiration to all those she meets, and loving beyond measure.

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